Medicaid is a government assistance program that offers health care coverage for low-income individuals/families of all ages. Title XIX of the Social Security Act is a Federal/State sponsored program that is designed to pay medical costs for certain designated individuals/families who happen to have low incomes or resources. So who is eligible for Medicaid? Eligibility includes (but is not limited to) people who are aged, blind, or disabled, along with certain people in families with dependent children. Since Medicaid is a "means test" –based program, applicants are required to prove their financial need to be eligible.

Medical Services Provided Under Medicaid:

You May be Eligible for Medicaid if:


Medicaid is a public entitlement and does not cost anything to apply. Certain eligible individuals may have income or resources that exceed the NY State Medicaid income and resource levels. Individuals who are eligible under a federal category may receive benefits via the NY State Surplus/Spend-down Program.

On-Site Application:

Applications for Medicaid may be completed by visiting our Department of Financial Counseling located in our hospitals. Please see the Contact us section of our website for details on how to contact a Financial Counselor who can assist you with a Medicaid application.

Documentation Required to Complete a Medicaid Application: